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Drain Technologies DRAINSAVERS® will save you time, money, and your drains!


Sediments build up in your drains costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually.


Drain Technologies DRAINSAVERS® is a commercial mop basin insert with disposable filters that stops debris before you need expensive drain services or repairs. This unit is an innovative way to keep your drains free from debris and will save you time and money in expensive maintenance calls!

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Stops the cause of costly drain service and repairs!

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DRAINSAVERS® Insert inside Janitorial Mop Basin

DRAINSAVERS® is made from a durable plastic composite, that includes recycled material. DRAINSAVERS® fits most mop basins, and the unique Patented design of the unit allows for maximum flow. Unit dimensions are 22" x 22" x 8".

DRAINSAVERS® Mop Basin Insert with Filter

The DRAINSAVERS® unique design along with the high flow filter media allows for a high GPM flow rate.

Debris in DRAINSAVERS® Mop Basin Insert Filter

The filter holds a large amount of debris, up to 10lbs. You will see the results of your drain maintenance plan in the filter, from a small grain of sand on up in size will be filtered.

How we got started...

After over 10 years in the commercial and residential drain cleaning business, John Votel, President of Drain Technologies, recognized the continued problems for his commercial clients to keep their service/mop basin lines operating. The debris going down that line can contribute greatly not only to a single line failure but to the mainline failure.

In some cases, causing the business to have to close until the main is opened, not to mention a commercial drain line cleaning easily over $200. John based on his experience, invented DRAINSAVERS®, the most economical way to eliminate this reoccurring problem. “If debris doesn’t go into your service line, you won’t have to clean it out later,” said John.

Easy as 1... 2... 3 ...


Step One

Simply place the DRAINSAVERS® mop basin insert in your service basin, (the unit will accommodate aggregate basins because of the solid side panels).


Step Two

Install the uniquely designed filter, with an elastic band sewn in the top of the filter.


Step Three

Watch the DRAINSAVERS® filtration system work. You will be amazed at what you have been sending down your service line. DRAINSAVERS® stops the service line problems at the source.



This past May 2009 a new device designed to trap food scrap in the mop basin from dirty mop water was introduced to our restaurant in Arizona. The device is called DRAINSAVERS® which is designed to trap dirt and debris along with food scraps that are removed when when mopping the floor and dumped into the mop basin floor drain. The DRAINSAVERS® filtration system allows the water to drain but holds back all the particulate that causes a drain line to clog and back up.

The sales representative stated that DRAINSAVERS® could have a positive impact on our grease trap which we have pumped out every month. We decided to attempt to measure its impact since we saw for ourselves how much food was being filtered from the floor drain. We decided to run a 60 day test where we pumped the grease trap every 30 days. The first 30 days we did not employ the DRAINSAVERS® system but simply allowed all particulate to enter the floor drain. At the end of the 30 day test we found that we had approximately 9″ of semi solid waste in the grease trap. The next 30 days we dumped all our mop water through the DRAINSAVERS® filtration system and then measured the semi solid waste in the grease trap. The grease trap had approximately 2 ” of semi solid waste. This was a reduction of well over 70%.

This test proved to us that we were throwing down far too much food waste into the floor drain increasing our exposure to backups and clogged drain lines. The test also has allowed us to determine that we can extend the duration between monthly pumping exercises. We have switched from monthly pumping to every other month pumping and this has saved us money.

DRAINSAVERS® has shown us that a little preventative measure can save a significant amount in schedule maintenance costs as well as potential violations in negatively impacting the wastewater municipal system.

George Lockart

Operating Partner , Arby's

Are you ready to save some money?

DRAINSAVERS® is an innovative, patented technology mop basin filtration system. It effectively captures waste water debris in any commercial mop basin. There is an easy to use disposable filter that comes with the portable liquid filtration system, has replacement filters, and each filter can hold up to 10 lbs. of debris! This product is your long term solution for drain maintenance challenges and is economical.

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Press Release

Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA

Drain Technologies, Inc. a Minnesota corporation has released its flagship product, the DRAINSAVERS®, Model 100, waste-water filtration system. The DRAINSAVERS® system fits inside of most all standard mop basins and allows users to filter debris out of their wastewater prior to entering it into the drain system. DRAINSAVERS® is easily used, filtering out particles of debris that are a grain of sand or larger, needing only to replace a disposable filter element, occasionally.

The DRAINSAVERS® system allows for the drastic reduction of drain maintenance expense and elimination of problematic particulates at the source. John Votel, president of Drain Technologies, Inc. states “The broad-based commonality for the application of DRAINSAVERS®, allows for large and small entities to benefit from its use”.

The Uses . . .

Pouring Mop Bucket of Dirty Water into DRAINSAVERS® Mop Basin Insert with Filter

Mop Water Debris

Cleaning out Janitorial Mop Basin Drain

Stop Clogging Drains

Emptying Janitorial Mop Device into DRAINSAVERS® Mop Basin Insert with Filter

Sweeper Cleaner

Designed especially for:

Convenience Stores
Retail Stores

Average cost of drain cleaning:

$195 X 4 times a year = $780
Price for DRAINSAVERS® = $50
Average annual filter cost
1 filter every 2 weeks: $97.50
Year 1 SAVINGS = $632.50
Year 2 SAVINGS = $682.50

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