DRAINSAVERS® is economical and has saved us monthly maintenance costs!

This past May 2009 a new device designed to trap food scrap in the mop basin from dirty mop water was introduced to our Arby’s restaurant in Arizona. The device is called DRAINSAVERS® which is designed to trap dirt and debris along with food scraps that are removed when when mopping the floor and dumped into the mop basin floor drain. The DRAINSAVERS® filtration system allows the water to drain but holds back all the particulate that causes a drain line to clog and back up.

The sales representative stated that DRAINSAVERS® could have a positive impact on our grease trap which we have pumped out every month. We decided to attempt to measure its impact since we saw for ourselves how much food was being filtered from the floor drain. We decided to run a 60 day test where we pumped the grease trap every 30 days. The first 30 days we did not employ the DRAINSAVERS® system but simply allowed all particulate to enter the floor drain. At the end of the 30 day test we found that we had approximately 9″ of semi solid waste in the grease trap. The next 30 days we dumped all our mop water through the DRAINSAVERS® filtration system and then measured the semi solid waste in the grease trap. The grease trap had approximately 2 ” of semi solid waste. This was a reduction of well over 70%.

This test proved to us that we were throwing down far too much food waste into the floor drain increasing our exposure to backups and clogged drain lines. The test also has allowed us to determine that we can extend the duration between monthly pumping exercises. We have switched from monthly pumping to every other month pumping and this has saved us money.

DRAINSAVERS® has shown us that a little preventative measure can save a significant amount in schedule maintenance costs as well as potential violations in negatively impacting the wastewater municipal system.


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